Welcome to David Glover Productions website. David Glover Productions (aka DGP) braces the many facets of arts & entertainment from training to professional status. DGP is a multifaceted operation, propelled by a movement, for creating and producing and musical plays, music recordings, film, and literature that's complimentary for each piece of work. DGP projects will be designed to generate crossover appeal off-line and online for the contemporary urban young and old, as well as traditional performing arts communities of all age categories.

Currently DGP is headlining the stage with a one person show entitled "Old Happens" ~ a musical comedy/inspirational play about aging gracefully. Produced, written and performed by DGP's founder, David Glover, and directed by Phillip E. Walker; Old Happens is currently being performed throughout the Bay area in senior facilities, churches and theaters. Some viewers have proclaimed the show as healing art for the aging.                                       

Old Happens is not DGP's first one person show production. In 1999-2000, DGP presented "Relationships"-- produced, written and performed by David Glover, and directed by Phillip E. Walker--was a romantic jazz musical play about one man's journey through a series of romantic relationships. In 2008-2009, DGP presented "Ted Jenkins Speech"-- a 20 minute monologue and song excerpt from the R&B/Hip Hop musical "A Game You'll Never Win," written by David Glover-- where as character Ted Jenkins speaks to a low income urban community about his transition from street hustler to become community leader and businessman. The speech was given as an incentive to uplift the spirit of the people residing in those communities. This work was also produced, written and performed by David Glover, and also directed by David Glover. 

DGP's Vocal Mentoring Program consists of personalized, stylistic training to develop your voice and your attitude toward singing the music you really wish to sing. The Vocal Mentoring Program will help you develop the confidence, and practice in utilizing the necessary tools to become a successful singer.

We so much, look forward to meeting you, working with you and getting to know you to make it all happen for you, us, and the world.