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David Glover Biography - Vocalist/Actor, Playwright, Composer



David Glover made his singing debut at an early age of 5 at his aunt’s church in Philadelphia, and continued his performance interest singing in churches, schools, and on street-corners and recording studios around Chicago, crooning doo wop tunes. Some of the tunes were frequently played on local late night radio stations.


At age 19, Glover moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend college to study music. While attending college, Glover performed at various night clubs around the Bay Area, and has performed on the bill with such luminaries as Al Jarreau, Larry Graham and Sly Stone. Glover continued school with a major in music and minor in dramatic arts, hence earned a Bachelor’s Degree in music. Through the years, Glover has restlessly continued his vocal performances from store front churches to Carnegie Hall, from the Bay Area and throughout the nation and various parts of the world. He wrote his first play “Doo Wop” in 1981. “Doo Wop”, a 50’s Rhythm & Blues Musical, was a popular and critical success, earning him the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for best original score. Glover continued exercising his talent as composer of musicals at local theater groups such as Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, Danny Duncan Productions etc. He also passes along his musical and theatrical skills as teacher to Bay Area youths at  public schools, private schools, and community centers throughout the Bay Area.

In 2000, Glover kicked off the new millennium with “Relationships,” a one-man show about one man’s journey through a series of romantic relationships. In 2003 he wrote “A Game You’ll Never Win,” an R&B Hip Hop musical about transforming from the mean streets to become well respected in the community.


In 2010 a pivotal turning point occurred in Glover’s life as he approached age 65 with fear, regret, and frustration around growing old and 'where he’s at' with his career. One month short of his birthday, Glover had a vision about aging. But instead of downsizing it, he welcomed it, embraced it and accepted it. The vision was clear to Glover that he must flip the script and perceive aging as a blessing rather than a curse, as it is so often seen in our culture. Through that thought process came the idea of the play “Old Happens,” a story about aging and finding total acceptance in the process.


Today, Glover still resides in Oakland California.



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