A Five-Point Principle For Growing Old Gracefully

The purpose of this upcoming book --currently being published through Black Card Books--  is to help people overcome their hang ups around aging through the power of acceptance. It challenges us with the word 'old' and the term 'old age' as a mark of truth of who we become as we live beyond age 50. This book is about living a full-life of gratitude from birth to death, and that we must bring to the table, our issues around "old," as it applies to human life. It invites us to accept and honor that truth.

It speaks openly on the aging challenges so many of us face, and pinpoints the resistance, denial and evasiveness we counter around getting old and growing old. Glover argues that the obsessive battle around staying young can be detrimental, and that to a large degree it has damaged our self-esteem to excel emotionally and psychologically into our latter years of life. It is an aging preparatory book for youth and adults under age 50, foreshadowing even greater years ahead for youth today as they someday grow into their elder life.

"This is not a book filled with theory and technicality around aging. 
Rather, it's a book of spiritual enlightenment, gratitude and 
acceptance for all stages of life on equal terms."

​The New Old Age, a book and a guidepost filled with practical suggestions, inspiration and validated examples of others who have practiced some of the principles described in this book. My most compelling motivation for writing this book, two-fold: 

(1) to glorify aging, based on its concept originated out of the one man show "Old Happens,"

(2) to take this 'age glorification concept' to the next level by reaching a broader audience and inspiring them to seriously consider a new way of looking at 'old' as it applies to human life, based on numerous scriptures found throughout the bible, can be found in this book.