Gain A New Perspective On Your Older Age!

"We are the NEW Old Age!"


The New Old Age Movement (aka NOAM) is a fiscally-sponsored movement to inspire and support a new generation of like-minded individuals, age 50 and over, who are joining force to redefine the meaning of old age by eradicating the negative connotation of what it means to grow old in our society. The aim of this movement is to set a precedent for equality and respect for human life in all its stages from birth to death. The NOA movement is about staying active and being fully engaged with new ideas, and new hopes and dreams with a key focus on living life to its fullest.
The New Old Age Movement Executive (NOAM Executive) is a partnership-based business group that uses a social movement model for its operation. The group is currently using books as a marketing tool created by Gerry Roberts, Publisher of Black Card Books (or BCB). What makes NOAM Executive stand out from other individuals and groups at BCB is that NOAM Executive targets the over 50 population for the purpose of supporting, empowering and educating them, ourselves and the world in a way we all can learn from with gleam and gratitude in all stages of our lives. And at the same time monetize our efforts.


The New Old Age Movement (NOAM) was inspired in 2013 by David GloverThe idea was conceived after Glover’s numerous performances of his one man show, “Old Happens,” when Glover noticed that his somewhat humorous glorification around growing old character was more than just for laughs and entertainment to the audience, he realized he had to take note of that and bring to the audience that hidden message they’ve been yearning to hear ~ Old is okay. For many in the audience the context was heartfelt, it was motivational, and to a degree, it was a healing. And, of course, it was entertaining.
Much of  Glover’s own life experience written in this piece came out reflectively through the audience.
“Like so many of us, I reached a low point in my life turning 65. I was feared by the thought: You’re too old, nobody will want anything to do with you. Then came the idea to write a story on aging, a story that would change my perception about growing old through the acceptance of it. This perception was written into a solo performance play. So now I perform the show and I can truthfully say, this show has changed my life, and I believe it will do so for others.”
Glover then realized this is more than just a show, this is a concept with multiple mediums.
“If this show is becoming healing art for the aging then there has to be a prolongation  of that healing in a way that viewers can reinvigorate its effectiveness long after the show. One can agree that live entertainment and art performances of various kind can divert our mood effectively from sad to joy to tears, in the moment. But far too soon, it wears off.”
Glover went on to expand his healing art vision into  recorded  music, by producing a (work-in-progress) show albums containing six selected songs from the show, in January 2013. Then to write a book in October 2013.

The Business behind the Movement {NOAM}
David Glover Productions (DGP) is a multifaceted operation, powered by The New Old Age Movement (NOAM), for creating and producing and musical plays, music recordings, film, and literature that's complimentary for each piece of work. DGP projects will be designed to generate crossover appeal off-line and online for the contemporary urban young and old, as well as traditional performing arts communities of all age categories.