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“You have GREAT ENERGY! I love the Old Happens concept. I also like the piece you developed … You could be the Next Big Thing!”
-Willie Jolley, Public Speaker & Best Selling Author: A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback! 

“Your work really has altered the way I am relating to my age, etc. & I would love to help spread the word”
-Burt Kranzel 

“Thoroughly inspiring and entertaining performance delivered with skill, passion, and compassion”
-Katrina Wreede, Director, Composer & Founder at The Katrina Wreede Musical Group 

“David Glover …calls to our attention …a word associated with those of us in a certain age group is likely doing us a disservice. But, thankfully he does not leave us there he offers a most pleasant alternative”
-Taylor Fischer, Facilitator for Afro American World View Films 

“David Glover’s one man show “Old Happens” has taken on a subject of importance and given it universal appeal through a display of humor and wisdom. I think his piece instills pride in elders and could serve to increase intergenerational understanding”
-Luisah Teish, Author & Founder at Mixed Media Artist at Dahomey Royal Design House 

“David Glover is taking a new approach to growing old, and it’s getting him rave reviews”
-Angela Hill, Bay Area News Group, Oakland Tribune & San Jose Mercury News